Suckler cows, calves and ewes all repay help on late summer grass

Whether scarce or plentiful, summer and autumn grazing’s nutritional value can be deceptive. This is [...]

“Why guess when you can be sure?”

This was said not by a slick marketing consultant but youngstock manager Howard Stokes to [...]

Stronger calves, better recovery from calving, higher fertility

Since introducing ‘trickle charge’ trace element boluses five years ago [in 2016], these are the [...]

DIY farm trial shows clear gains from trace elements while housed

“They help cattle make better use of what they eat” This was said not by [...]

High calcium capsule targets post-calving problems

A rapid onset, steady release, high calcium oral capsule for dairy cows to reduce the [...]

How Tracesure made significant improvements to herd management

Since 1996, the Storan family were continuously having problems with their cows, but more so [...]

Are bagged minerals in winter diets accurate enough for optimum performance?

e.g. Selenium requirement for 180 cows would fit into a take-away fries salt sachet, but [...]

Increase lambs sold per ewe next year by investing now in flock fertility

Past experience of buoyant finished lamb prices will prompt wily farmers and shepherds to recall, [...]

Avoid turn-out trace element gap to ‘make hay while the sun shines’ on latest beef prices

Turn-out onto spring grass can put cows at risk of a performance limiting Trace Element [...]

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