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4 pre-breeding tips for hitting fertility targets

With submission, conception and pregnancy rates the cornerstone of all dairy production profitability, Damien Storan [...]

How to get beef supplementation ‘on point’ this turnout

As spring eventually looks to be arriving, now is the perfect time prepare for optimising [...]

Your guide to supplementation success at turnout

Vital insights for maximising performance off grass in both youngstock and lactating cows this turnout [...]

Progressive approach to utilising valuable spring grass

Extract from British Dairying March 2024 edition. Father and son, Victor and Davy Chestnutt, are [...]

Patented technology to feature across full ANIMAX Tracesure calf and cattle range

ANIMAX are delighted to announce that their signature waxed-groove diffusion technology™ is now available across [...]

Trace Element Nutrition: Dispelling the myths

In the complex world of ruminant nutrition, there are many “facts”, claims, views, and opinions [...]

How to crack the transition from autumn grazing to winter housing

For most farmers the growing season has been a rollercoaster ride this year. The old [...]

Are they getting enough to transition smoothly?

The transition dry cow period is commonly regarded and backed by research to be our [...]

Autumn calving: precision trace element nutrition to achieve a better transition

The lead up to autumn block calving is arguably one of the most important times [...]

How to get ENOUGH essential trace elements into your ‘plus-size’ cows

Trace element specialists at ANIMAX are here with all you need to know about trace [...]

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