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Full age spectrum covered by expanded leaching bolus range, colour-coded for correct choices

Consistently releases with unique leaching bolus technology Accurate daily supply of correct essential trace element [...]

Flock fertility is consistently good with Tracesure

The owner of one of the UK’s top Texel flocks, who boluses ewes with a [...]

Tracesure supports new low-cost production system

A change of direction for a Devon beef and sheep farm, from high input to [...]

Tracesure takes on a lack of cobalt and the weather at 1,350 feet

Farming one of the UK’s highest farmsteads is not without its challenges but beef and [...]

Trace element supplementation raises productivity and profitability

John and Amanda Paterson sought to improve lambing percentages at Hartbush Farm, the 605-acre farm [...]

Livestock judge favours Tracesure

Getting rams into tip-top condition for sale day is a priority for pedigree Texel breeder, [...]

Borrowed trick boosts lambing ease for ewe and cattle alike

For much less assistance with lambing and fewer dead or orphan lambs, at less than [...]

Beware iodine over-supply to pregnant ewes or cows

Livestock farmers are being advised that it’s possible to over-supplement pregnant ewes and cows with [...]

Lambs need cobalt for fast finish, not B-vitamin ‘go faster stripes’

Sheep farmers are advised to be wary of misleading ‘go faster stripes’ on supplements for [...]

Increase lambs sold per ewe next year by investing now in flock fertility

€4k bounty for +0.2 lambs sold per ewe higher productivity in 200-ewe flock Recent experience [...]

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