12 capsules PR4284
100 capsules PR4274

Consistent release capsule delivers long lasting copper supplementation

For adult goats

• 50 to 200lbs bodyweight: 1 capsule
• 200 to 300lbs bodyweight: 2 capsules

Copper content per capsule

Copper oxide ≈ 4 g (equiv. 3.48 g elemental copper)

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Copasure Goat 4g

Copasure Goat 4g

With copper
• Maintain growth
• Assist fertility

Ideal to give
• At 6 month intervals for copper deficiency or
• For other uses refer to peer reviewed references

Selemon, M.; J. Vet. Med. Res.; 2018; Review on control of H. contortus in sheep and goat

Moscona, A. K.; Masters Thesis; 2013; Copper oxide needles used to control Haemonchus infections
Others are available upon request