100 capsules PR4312

Prolonged supply of copper for 6 months. Recommended amount should maintain adequate levels for the whole grazing season

For lambs

Over 10kg and over 5 weeks old: 1 capsule

Copper content per capsule

Copper oxide ≈ 2 g (equiv. 1.74 g elemental copper)

Use with

• Copasure Copinox & Coprac Applicator PR4165 or
• Lamb Applicator PR4282

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Coprac Lamb

Coprac Lamb

Ideal to give
• Prior to start of grazing season, then
• At 6 month intervals

Seek advice. Do not give to housed lambs or lambs receiving other copper supplementation


Our Copper difference

*Product is available either as a capsule or bolus in different countries.

The copper oxide needles are released in the rumen within 30 minutes of administration.

The needles pass slowly through the ruminant stomachs for a period of 2 to 3 months and the liver reserves are topped up.