100 capsules PR4313

Prolonged supply of copper for 6 months. Recommended amount should maintain adequate levels for the whole grazing season


• Adult sheep over 50kg: 1 capsule
• Ruminant calves 75 – 100kg and over 2 months old: 2 capsules

Copper content per capsule

Copper oxide ≈ 4 g (equiv. 3.48 g elemental copper)

Use with

• Copasure Copinox & Coprac Applicator PR4165
• Sheep Applicator PR4052 or
• Calf Applicator PR4194

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Coprac Sheep & Calf

Coprac Sheep & Calf

Ideal to give
• Prior to start of grazing season, then
• At 6 month intervals

Seek advice. Do not give to housed sheep or sheep receiving other copper supplementation



Our Copper difference

The copper oxide needles are released in the rumen within 30 minutes of administration.

The needles pass slowly through the ruminant stomachs for a period of 2 to 3 months and the liver reserves are topped up.