8 capsules PR4308

Reduces the risk of milk fever and subclinical calcium deficiency.

Supplies 40% more calcium than other supplements of this type


Cattle around calving, and every 12 hours or as required

Calcium per capsule

Calcium 60g

Use with

XL Cattle & Easycal Capsules Applicator PR4311

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Easycal Capsules

Easycal Capsules

Ideal to give when cattle
• Are slow at calving
• Are carrying multiple calves
• Are overweight or in poor condition
• Are multiparous cows
• Have had a difficult calving
• Have had low calcium at calving previously


The Easycal difference


  • Supplies 40% more calcium than competitors’ products.
  • Calcium carbonate is non-irritant so additional capsules can be given as required.
  • Provides the required amount of calcium carbonate to each cow.
  • Slow release (like a watering can) calcium carbonate for 12-15 hours.
  • Works with cow’s calcium mobilisation with unavoidable dip in blood calcium, by providing extra calcium, until the cow’s own mobilisation  system is working properly.


  • Controlling the intake of individual animals is a challenge.
  • Quick release calcium chloride (like a bucket) which is often short lasting, and provides a quick ‘hit’.
  • Rapidly available calcium shuts down the cows’ natural calcium mobilisation to try to prevent toxicity.
  • There is a decline in the cows’ need for calcium and they struggle to start up the mobilisation process again.