1 litre PR4148
2.5 litres PR4147
5 litres PR4146

Multi mineral and vitamin drench for growth and development until Tracesure can be given. Can be given to other ages as required.


• Young/growing ruminants and horses: 1mL per 10kg body weight.
• Adult ruminants and horses: 0.5mL per 10kg body weight.

Supplied per mL

Cobalt ≈ 2.08 mg
Selenium ≈ 1.21 mg
Vitamin A ≈ 11’830 i.u.
Vitamin D3 ≈ 2’620 i.u.
Vitamin E ≈ 47.2 i.u.

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Pardevit E Small & Young Ruminants

Pardevit E Small & Young Ruminants

Ideal to give
To pre-ruminants until a Tracesure element bolus can be given.