Previously Tracesure Cu/I Calf and Allsure Calf

20 applications PR4000

With unique diffusion technology and grooves for a consistent release of cobalt, iodine, selenium and copper

For calves 75-200kg

1 waxed bolus and 1 grey bolus

Supplied per day

Cobalt ≈ 2.8 mg
Iodine ≈ 9.4 mg
Selenium ≈ 1.4 mg
Copper ≈ 72.5 mg

Use with

Calf Applicator PR4194

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Tracesure Calf with Copper

Tracesure Calf

With the essential trace elements
• Hit target weights earlier
• Save on feed costs and get more from grass
• Support calf development
• Avoid growth check at weaning

Ideal to give
• At weaning
• When ruminating
• When on solid food or
• Before turning onto grass

Without copper option Tracesure Calf


The Tracesure difference

Time & cost-effective method

No double handling. Administer alongside other medications and management tasks.

Consistently releases

Flutes and unique leaching bolus technology for a consistent supply of trace elements, compatible with animals’ daily requirements.

Accurately supplies minerals

The right size bolus for the right size animal, for a quicker and easier application.

Provides certainty

No injections, abscesses, pain or stress to the animal.

Safer way

Unique leaching bolus technology for a safer way to supply trace elements, without toxicity.

Supplements for 6 months

Product available with and without copper.