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Tupping on the hill: Preparing the ewe for a thrifty lamb

Achieving prime ewe condition on autumn grass ready for tupping is one of the year’s [...]

Is your lowland flock missing anything essential for tupping?

If your aim for 2025 is compact lambing and maximised income from your next crop [...]

How to get your flock in top form for tupping

Fertility at tupping is the single biggest influencer on any sheep enterprises’ bottom line. If [...]

Weaning lambs: The small issue that can create big problems

In the most part, we’ve gotten pretty good at managing lambs at grazing. But we [...]

3 steps to optimising trace element values of grass and silage

Want to cross check and optimise your grass for trace elements this grazing season? Here’s [...]

Bolusing “works wonders” for ewe and lamb performance

Father and son – Colin and Josh McCartney – are making the right moves as [...]

Bolusing plugs gap on extensive sheep grazing system

Hamish Beaton, East Anglian sheep farmer at Neil Beaton and Son Farming Partnership and livestock [...]

5 bolusing dos and don’ts to make way for a successful lambing

Some essential trace element supplementation dos and don’ts to help optimise grazing or forage utilisation [...]

How to get the trace element fundamentals right over lambing

Whether you’ve bolused before, considering bolusing for the first time, or just exploring all the [...]

Get the timing right on trace element nutrition before lambing

Pedigree Texel breeder and ANIMAX Area Manager – Flor Ryan – offers practical advice on [...]

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