How Tracesure made significant improvements to herd management

Since 1996, the Storan family were continuously having problems with their cows, but more so with heifers calving at grass during the Autumn months.

Damien Storan, Dairy farmer and dairy specialist for Animax Limited explains “We had problems with retained cleanings, and our calving process was especially slow. Calves were born with very little energy, and drowsy appearance, making feeding their first and most important feed very difficult.

Damien continues “As soon as we introduced the Tracesure Cattle with Copper bolus to our system, we noticed significant improvements in our stock.” Their calving process is much shorter, and cleaning out is much better. Calves are also much more vigorous, and up and eager to drink by themselves, which makes the whole process of feeding new born calves so much easier.

Tracesure Cattle with Copper bolus which supplements for six months is given to cows at drying off, and to heifers six weeks before calving. They all receive a double application as the stock weighs over 500 kgs.

As well as Tracesure Cattle with Copper, cows are given an Easycal Capsule as soon as they show signs of calving, to reduce the risk of milk fever. Depending on their age and condition, they may receive a second capsule 12 hours after calving. Damien comments “Freshly calved cows are blending in with the rest of the milking herd much faster. The capsules are working very well, and cows are less stressed and come into milk much faster after calving.”

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