Patented technology to feature across full ANIMAX Tracesure calf and cattle range

ANIMAX are delighted to announce that their signature waxed-groove diffusion technology™ is now available across the whole ANIMAX Tracesure® Calf, Cattle and Cattle XL range as standard.

Developed by scientists, vets, nutritionists, and farmers, the patented technology has been designed to benefit beef and dairy animals with an advancement of trace element release, whilst enabling higher trace element inclusion levels at a safe rate.

This development furthers the precision nutrition company’s purpose of giving animals and farmers what it takes to thrive into the future.

Waxed-groove diffusion technology® explained

The ANIMAX Tracesure® bolus technologies have always featured patented diffusion technology®, previously referred to as ‘leaching’. The pioneering technology is unique in how it allows rumen fluid to enter the bolus when in the reticulum, thus allowing the trace elements to diffuse out.

Unlike eroding, dissolving, or oxidising boluses, this ultimately results in the bolus retaining its size and critical density for up to 6-months, regulating the rate of release and reducing the risk of premature passing.

It is the waxed-grooves that now features in all the ANIMAX bovine boluses that is newer to ANIMAX Tracesure® and the world of precision nutrition.

All newly manufactured ANIMAX Tracesure® calf, cattle, and cattle XL boluses now feature grooves coated with a natural beeswax, providing a partial barrier that regulates release.

The outer wax starts to wear off within the first day of the bolus being administered into the reticulum, beginning the process of trace element release. The wax remains in the grooves up to 2-months to further ensure a consistent and safe release by regulating/moderating the surface area exposed to rumen fluid.

Available in three different sizes – 75kg+ calf, 200-500kg cattle and 500kg+ cattle – this technological advancement gives the industry a new level of confidence that each animal has enough trace elements every day, in a single application, for up to 6 months.

The move follows the successful launch of ANIMAX Tracesure® Cattle XL – the pioneering bolus that exclusively supplies cattle weighing over 500kg with enough essential trace elements for 6 months in just 1 bolus and in one single application. Containing a safe supply of double the trace element levels, the equivalent of 2 to 4 boluses is now in a single ANIMAX Tracesure® Cattle XL bolus; supporting labour-saving goals on farm.

Copper, as copper oxide, is supplied in a separate bolus allowing flexibility, to give this trace element as required by the animal.

Eco-friendly packaging  

Not only does the ANIMAX Tracesure® cattle range feature more advanced technology, but the packaging is now made from cardboard that is easily and 100% recyclable. This is consistent with ANIMAX’s commitment to environmental sustainability for a greener future.

Please note that the copper oxide bolus component of ANIMAX Tracesure® Cattle XL with copper is also packaged in foil sealed pouches to keep the copper oxide needle boluses protected from the elements. These are not yet recyclable.

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