Forest and woodland biosecurity drives site-to-site sanitation

Renewed focus on biosecurity in Ireland’s 700,000 hectares of woodland [ref] places significant plant hygiene responsibilities on surveyors, inspectors and timber contractors. One of the main risks is site-to-site transfer of disease organisms on clothing, footwear, cutting and other equipment.

As part of the Department of Agriculture’s plant health and biosecurity strategy, Animax has licensed in Ireland its CleanKill Sanitising Spray, which has been widely used by the UK Forestry Commission since 2017.

It is a broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide, ready-to-use as a one-litre trigger spray and five-litre top-up. Its aqueous formula is more stable in transportation than alcohol-based sanitisers.

In addition to broad spectrum activity, CleanKill is effective specifically against Phytophthora species. These destructive pathogens cause extensive damage and death in more than 150 species, including larch, beech, oak, Sitka spruce and numerous firs.

Although not specifically tested, a reasonable hypothesis is that its fungicidal activity would include the ash dieback pathogen.

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