Scheme benefits the environment, business and public services

A West Suffolk business is to reduce its impact on climate change and save thousands of pounds a year through the Council’s Solar for Business scheme.

Animax based at Shepherds Grove Industrial Estate near Stanton, has signed up to the West Suffolk Council initiative.

The Solar for Business scheme sees the council pay for and manage the installation and maintenance of solar panels on the roof of a business. The business then not only boosts its environmental credentials, but also saves money on its electricity bills.

For the Council it is a way not only of supporting local business and the environment, but also a way of creating an ongoing income that will go towards funding its public services.

More than 1000 solar panels have been installed at the business at Shepherds Grove Industrial Estate and the renewable energy generated will save 80 tonnes of CO2 per year. That amount is the same produced by a family of four catching a flight from London to New York and back 11 times.

The 300kWp system will save the business £10,000 in its first year and is more resilient against any potential increase in electricity costs by the suppliers. It will also create an income to the council of £22,000 in its first year all of which will go back into funding public services.

Cllr John Griffiths, Leader of West Suffolk said: “As a Council, we have been investing in renewable energy and other environmental improvements, generating income for services and looking at other ways that we can benefit our communities including local businesses.

“This initiative works for everyone. It delivers savings to carbon emissions, savings in energy costs to the business and an annual income stream to help fund public services. We, and the businesses that we work with, think it’s a winner and we look forward to working with more West Suffolk businesses on this important scheme.”

Cllr Jim Thorndyke, ward councillors for Stanton said: “This is a great initiative which enables us to support local businesses, reduce carbon emissions and create an income to fund council services. I am delighted that this business has grasped this opportunity and I hope others will follow their lead.”

Nigel Hemphill, Commercial Director, Animax said: “This is a win win for Animax as a local employer, reducing our grid electricity consumption as well as helping to reduce our carbon footprint. This also allows local council savings to be pumped back into local services.”

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